Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ruby Peak Survival Exercise

Justin looking off the South Ridge of Ruby Peak during our traverse over it to make a "survival camp" near the treeline at about 8,000 feet elevation.

Sometimes we will go out with only the supplies you would normally take on a short day hike and spend the night in the wilderness for fun, and practice in case the situation ever arises unplanned. Usually supplies consist of a couple bottles of water, some snacks, matches-lighters, assorted warm clothes, 1 folded pocket sized rain parka and 2 folded pocket sized heat reflective emergency "space blankets" (which can both be found anywhere camping gear is sold, and cost a couple dollars), a pack, rubber bands or duct tape, a knife, and of course my camera. These are things I never go hiking without, for any amount of time. They are also things I can make a sufficient enough camp to survive at least one night in almost any kind of conditions. I have had to test these tools unplanned on more than one occasion. (I will say that the planned "practice" exercises interestingly enough usually take place when the weather forecast is good!)

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