Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Window 14

Sometimes just staring out my window can fill me with inspiration and passion for the outdoor world. I have felt at times like the walls of my house are blocking me in some way or another. In a metaphorical sense, having to do with perceived "failures" in life, or unhappiness with a present situation. Or just in a physical sense, in that when I am not out exploring and photographing the wild outdoors and embracing my passion for being there and a part of it, I am thinking about the next time I will be, or remembering fondly past experiences. So occasionally, (ok frequently), I'll just stare out my window and daydream of wilderness adventures and travel, and making plans for future time spent in nature or on the road...

One day I realized that I didn't need to feel trapped by those walls. My passion, and my memory and imagination, freed me. That love for all things wild and beautiful lives inside of me. I realized that the beauty of the natural world extends past the wilderness boundary and comes home with us in our hearts. So gazing out my window, it was all there. Vibrant and alive right there with me at home. I decided to challenge myself to see past those walls and find that wild beauty wherever I was. I am starting with this photo series, which will go on indefinitely I think. It may end up being a lifetime project.

This is sort of an artistic challenge to myself to see if I can create a series of unique images that are all taken through a window in my living room. I want to learn to see something mundane like the same window I look out every day, differently every time I look at it. Now that would be cool! I'm not saying that I will be able to do it, but it will be fun trying! Hopefully in working towards that I can grow as a photographer, embrace further my passion for the wild outdoors, and learn to not be hindered by the walls put before me in life.

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