Friday, May 1, 2009

Mia In Paris

Our first night in Paris, sitting along the River Seine behind Notre Dame. I probably can't put in to words that night, and my brief time in that City. But I'll just say it is my favorite city I've ever been to. Maybe it was standing a mere 6 feet in front of the Mona Lisa, maybe it was the River, and the art, and the poetry, and the music, and the romance, and the architecture, maybe it was just my own romantic idealism... but man I loved that city! My experience there was magical, and kick started my creative soul. And Mia loved it as well! In fact when we were standing in front of the Mona Lisa in a group of about 45 people, the guard lifted the rope and let her stand immediately in front of the famous glass enclosed painting. Only Mia out of all of us. I think that was indicative of Mia's experience there, and throughout that entire trip. People always respond to her well, the old beautiful soul that she is. What a blessing to have her with us!

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