Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Love In Paris

This was taken right after Friday Night Fever, a procession of over a thousand roller skaters and bladers that skates the length of St. Germain Boulevard every Friday night at midnight, passed us by as we were making our way back to our hotel from the Eiffel. What a sight it was. And a surprise when police appeared as we were walking down the boulevard and blocked off the intersections, then suddenly we heard the thunder of tiny wheels and small steel bearings rolling down the boulevard towards us. For over ten minutes we watched them roll past us. What a sight indeed... However it was this brief image that really stuck with me from that moment. I turned and noticed the embrace of a couple who had been watching the procession near us, filled with the energy of that distinctly Parisian moment, they lost themselves in each other there on the side of the boulevard. And it seemed such an iconic moment for that city. Something about it pulses with romantic idealism, and truly you see lovers embracing on nearly every corner! Had we not forgotten our bank card at the hotel earlier that evening, and embarked on the adventure that became necessary for doing so, we would not have been able to be a part of that moment. Funny how things work out!

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