Friday, April 24, 2009

Riding The Bus In Rome

Sitting right behind the driver on this bus, I somehow managed to get away with hanging out the window to shoot traffic and this split view for quite some time before he pumped on the brakes and yelled something at me in Italian. I shot a few pictures, but I wanted to get one with the iconic Italian Vespa. There really are a lot of those things running around that city. And it makes sense because they are the perfect way to get around in a city like that, with nowhere to park and insanely narrow streets.


Jenny said...

You need a "Follow" button on the blog page so it makes it easy for people to follow you.
Great blog!

Joe Whittle Photography said...

Thanks Jenny! It's at the bottom of the page, as well as the subscribe button.

john said... there's me checkin the fotos on my camera. None of my Rome fotos were good. The camera was on the wrong setting. This was on the bus returning from the beach.