Saturday, April 18, 2009

Joshua Sun

Joshua Tree, and there's that sun again. Shot with my Pentax K1000, Tmax zone, and a pinhole cap that my good friend and brother in all things photo and art Jon Whittle (not brother by blood believe it or not, but most certainly spirit) got for me. This also contributed to my preference to aim at the sun, as it was the only way I could see through the damn thing! Haha! Thanks for the future pirate patch Jon! In truth it helped me see the beauty of the sun. Because with a pinhole the rays of light fall directly on the film without refracting through a lens. It's a purer form of light capture I think. You really notice the difference with color film. When you point directly at the light and let it stream onto the film only directed by the cut of the pinhole, not filtered and refracted by glass... beautiful harmonics of sight and energy! The colors just fall apart it smooth waves. Mmmm. So thanks for that too Jon!

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