Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Elderly People Watching A Game Of Bacci Ball

While waiting for a train in Barcelona I noticed these elderly folks watching a game of Bacci Ball being played beneath an overpass. I liked the sign and the sun and the juxtaposition of people lost in their own worlds, me looking in from the outside, just a visitor... I have a couple shots of people's backs to me in these Spain shots, and it's how I felt there for the first time in a new land and continent. And not speaking the language. I really was a tourist. My time brief. So in that sense these are like personal postcards, memory pictures I created for myself. Impressions of my time there appreciating the beauty of the place, but not really understanding it. They are from the outside looking in. That was my experience there. But I also loved that about it! You travelers know what I mean. If I had the time I would love to learn to capture the place from the inside out, but this is my perspective on 'my' journey there. That's all.

I would like to say this as well. I had kind of withered creatively for a couple years before this journey. But this experience was a catharsis for me in a sense, and I feel it re-awakened my photographic spirit. I think I've been on a fairly steady incline since, not always rapid, but steady. I began to see a little different, and also adapted my pinhole style to work with long hand held exposures as well. That's when I started playing with exposure techniques to try and create that pictorialist or painterly feel. And it works to help create an 'impression' as opposed to a detailed document perhaps. Because that was my experience there. It's what I remember. Impressions more than details.

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